Profiles Sales Checkpoint 180°

Profiles Sales CheckPoint 180° is a feedback system used to help sales people improve their selling abilities.


Profiles Sales CheckPoint 180° provides useful information to support better coaching and communication, leading to higher sales person productivity and satisfaction, and lower turnover.


Profiles Sales CheckPoint 180° measures 19 supporting Skill Sets and 7 Sales Competencies that helps sales managers evaluate sales people, surface their development needs, and align sales priorities.


Profiles Sales CheckPoint 180° generates two reports: Individual Feedback Report (speaks to the sales person) and Management Report (speaks to the sales manager).


Precisely targets developmental needs
Enables more effective coaching and communication
Aligns sales priorities
Improves productivity and retention
Higher sales productivity and satisfaction
Lower turnover

How It Works

Sending the Assessment

Our clients deliver the Profiles Sales CheckPoint 180° to their candidates over the internet — hiring managers or an HR administrator simply forwards a link.

Sales person completes a self-evaluation

The assessment does not need to be monitored, so the candidate can take it from any computer with internet access.

Sales manager rates the sales person

The assessment does not need to be monitored, so the candidate can take it from any computer with internet access.

Generating the Report

These two separate results are then compared and compiled into a readable report, providing a clear graphical view of the two appraisals against each other.

How the Profiles Sales CheckPoint 180° is Used

  • Salesperson Selection
  • Salesperson Development
  • Onboarding
  • Coaching
  • Job Matching
  • Salesforce Maximization
  • Minimizing Learning Curves
  • Predicting Sales Behaviors
  • Coaching Salespeople

Did you know?

50% of organizations are dissatisfied with new sales representatives they hire.
19% of sales representatives turnover voluntarily each year.
16% of sales representatives turnover involuntarily each year.

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