Profiles Master
Assessor Certification

This course provides the essential knowledge to people and companies who need to understand and to utilize the use of Profile International's Psychometric Assessments efficiently in order to minimize the uncertainty in the hiring process of new employees and training of existing and/or new employees, to decrease employee relations problems, and increase the Return On Investment.

The Course Objectives

  • Enhance the understanding of Psychometrics
  • Understand Profiles International's Assessment tools and the application of each Assessment
  • Widen the awareness about the importance of Psychometric Assessments & its applications
  • Maximize the use of Profiles Assessment Reports
  • Introduction to the E-Assessment Center
  • Maximize the utilization of the E-Assessment Center
  • Enable participants to consider different approaches to linking the results of the Psychometric Assessment to the job requirements
  • Enable participants to give feedback to the test takers and also to the management based on the assessment's results
  • Enable a more effective and efficient decision-making process
  • Building and retaining a high-performance company

Course Structure

The course is interactive and requires participation as individuals as well as in teams. It consists of exercises, case studies, role plays & practical work so that participants have the opportunity to experience, understand, implement & learn the skills and techniques acquired during the training. At the end of the course the participants will be tested to verify their technical knowledge and understanding of the main points covered throughout the course.

Who should attend this course?

The course is aimed at people who are expected to administer, manage, design job patterns and conduct assessments and analysis. Decision makers and/or people who assist in the decision-making process are considered right candidates. Usually people in the Human Resources field, Career Advisors, and/or management level, in general are advised to attend this course.

Course Certificate

Participants who attend the entire course and succeed in achieving the minimum required will be awarded a Profiles Certified Assessor certificate approved by the Board of Directors and course tutor.

What's next?

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