Profiles International offers invaluable employee screening tools that can increase consistency in your employee selection system.

Careful employee pre-screening can drastically decrease the number of unsuitable individuals that end up on the payroll. Using pre-screening tools to check often pick out the worst of these applicants, enabling companies to avoid the associated hiring mistakes and implications.

Benefits of Effective Employee Pre-Screening

  • Reduce hiring mistakes
  • Accelerate the hiring process
  • Improve hiring precision
  • Minimize cost of theft, violence and absenteeism

Simplify the Interview

Beginner and even experienced interviewers are sometimes unsure of the best questions to ask candidates in an interview; moreover the candidates are well prepared for the traditional questions the interviewers will likely ask them. Although sample interview questions can help, having specific questions to ask a particular candidate will make the process even more effective.

An employer must ensure job interview questions are in alignment with the law. The variety of job interview questions an employer can ask is wide and must be contingent upon the specific needs of a particular position.

Improve Screening and Hiring

The renowned business guru, Peter Drucker, estimated that two-thirds of employee hiring decisions may actually be hiring mistakes.

As many companies follow the same hiring process and methods to select employees, this can lead to hiring an excellent employee with a bad fit who may fail in the position. Typically this suggests that the employee selection process may produce inconsistent hiring results.

Adjust Selection Processes

Your employee hiring process is one of the most strategic and crucial places where you can reduce costs and increase performance and productivity. This is especially true if your process works correctly the first time. Utilizing a proven employee screening system is crucial to ensuring that your selection process works effectively.

Profiles International Middle East provides you different types of employee screening tools that can increase consistency in your employee selection system. Profiles International has created exclusive Job Fit™ technology, making Profiles International the leader in the assessment industry. We combine tested and reliable data derived from our pre-employment screening assessments with a customized job analysis survey to create a benchmark by which you can hire an employee who best fits the job and company.

By establishing job matching as one of the key factors in your employee selection process; your allocation of human assets will be more effective. Most employee hiring decisions are made with inadequate information. However, Profiles International assessments will deliver the information and insight you need to know before tendering a job offer and making a hiring mistake.

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