Business Partnership

Types of Business Partners

We have over 1,300 active business partners around the world, which gives us a very good understanding of what it takes to succeed in this business. Prospective business partners must be disciplined self-starters with "executive presence." Individuals must have a seasoned business background with a strong desire to build and maintain long-term client relationships.

Successful Profiles business partners have included:

Franchise Seekers/Entrepreneurs

If you are going into business for the first time or if you are exploring a new entrepreneurial challenge, we have helped thousands of people just like you realize their dreams. We offer with a proven business opportunity and incredible support to generate significant income and long-term residual cash flow.

Consultants, Trainers and Recruiters

Many consultants, trainers and recruiters have found the Profiles opportunity adds incomparable value to their existing portfolio of services, additional revenue streams, residual income, the ability to avoid "the feast and famine syndrome", and a stable cash flow. In addition, many have found it to be a better way to build business, and they use the tools to be more effective as a consultant or trainer.

Executive Coaches

We have a proven model to assist clients in learning about themselves and their organizations. It is a tangible tool to help clients see problems and identify success strategies. It also expands revenue streams, offers residual income, the ability to avoid "the feast and famine syndrome", and a stable cash flow. Many executive coaches have found it to be a business building tool, and they use the products to be more effective as coaches.

Human Resource Professionals

HR professionals who want to use their background and experience to help a wide range of organizations, find the Profiles opportunity their ticket to industry involvement with the freedom of being their own boss. This is especially true if you have used assessments in your job.

Women Professionals

Over half of our business partners and many of our top producers are women, many who have left the workforce to spend time with family and needed the flexibility that the Profiles opportunity offers.

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